jeudi, octobre 13, 2005

Non Sequitur #31

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more anonymous musings from the comments to the last post....

Un utilisateur anonyme a dit…
Kenneth is right. I think that you should give an example and do not spend your working hours blogging. A quick look at the timing of your posts shows that you always blog from work. You are getting paid 7,000 Euros a month from the tax payers pockets. Show some respect.

0. Respect.
1. You set an example... you do not give it.
2. The "do" in the second sentence is as superfluous as your comment.
3. The "timing" of my posts. I guess you meant the time when I post.
4. I always blog from work. Yes. Right.
5. I am getting paid €7000 a month. Of course. And I am the King of Denmark and I have a Harem.
6. From the tax payers pockets. Nuh Huh.
7. You do not need a blog account to sign your name at the end of the message (or are you posting a comment from work? :) )
8. Average time spent blogging per day - 25 mins.
9. Average time I leave later from work - 25 mins.
10. Average number of comments posted by Anonyomous simply because they could not find a way to write their name and not because they just could not bear to sign the rubbish they write... Zilch.. Zero... Nada.
11. Time Up. No respect.

4 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

All hail King Jacques... so who's your queen then? Lorna?
*runs for dear life*

Roderick Mallia a dit…

Now that was kinda mean wasn't it :P

Hsejjes a dit…

I know that Denmark have a crown Prince Joaquin, but a King Jacques....pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee!!!! Spare us!!!!

Athena a dit…

Aww c'mon Roderick, you know that secretly Jacques adores Lorna.
*goes into permanent hiding*