lundi, octobre 03, 2005

(Pr)ocrastination & Go Slow

My friend Fausto likes to take a pause from blogging every once in a while, only to regale is with a litany of posts some days later. I have not been a good blogger over the weekend what with Pierre's visit, lunches in France and football to follow. Today's parcel in the post from will not help much either. So I warn you... since the books in the picture below have just come in I do not foresee a constant blogging in the near future. Prepare for random, erratic spurts of posts.... un(pr)edicatable innit!

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Thud! - Terry Pratchett's latest

Where's my cow? - Accompanying Children's Storybook

Darwin's Watch - The Science of Discworld III (Pratchett of Course)

Wyrd Sisters & Soul Music on DVD

Now that's what I call a package of fun!

4 commentaires:

Arcibald a dit…

Isma jkollok cans ghamel xi haga tat-tip "the idiot's guide to Pratchett" jew ghallinqas issuggerili b'liema ktieb jaqbilli nibda - dejjem jekk jghogbok. Lestejt l-ezamijiet sa fl-ahhar u sakemm nerga nibda ghandi ftit cans biex naqra xi haga 'light'.

Btw iccekja l-cover album ta' Atom Heart Mother tal-Pink Floyd u tinduna minn fejn hi gejja l-poza tal-baqra ta' "Where's my cow?" :)

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Ikollok cans...
added to "To Do" List...

pero jien kont bdejt minn "Sourcery" avolja mhux l-ewwel wiehed nett. "The Light Fantastic" tajjeb ukoll biex tibda.

MaltaGirl a dit…

*gazes enviously*

Athena a dit…

That's all well and good, but where's Sibtijiet flimkien? [goes into a major sulking fit]