lundi, octobre 31, 2005

Welcome to CHOGM have a nice day!

Biex Int Tghix Ahjar (fejn jghaddu huma)
Landed in Malta at 8.45am on Sunday morning. By 9.25 the most distinguishing feature of the island was CHOGM. Yep. It's CHOGM everywhere. Reading about it from Luxembourg is one thing - seeing the bloody signs pasted everywhere is another. The hypocrisy of the partially resurfaced roads reaches its apex on the road between the university roundabout and the 45km/h limited tunnel. The ropad going up is tarmacked. That going down is still a bumpy ride. Looks like the CHOGM will only be passing one way in that area. (Do pass your cursor on the CHOGM logo... ho fatto la battuta!)

I reserve further appraisals of the island for later. (Or maybe for never). It would seem that my alter ego is having a field day... already a couple of stories have been sidelined for Bollettino - with special thanks to my colleague Antonio Tufigno (and in particular his culinary skills). Food is wonderful as usual, although the only local stuff I ate was my mother's 'haruf il-forn' (divine), since in the evening we ate at the Blue Room in Valletta (lemon duck of course).

Oh! I almost forgot: D, I met the babe that featured in your latest set of photographs... seems like there were more where they came from.

It also seems like there is a cultural pause until the day I leave. Not much interesting going on except for the Inizjamed thingy Immanuel blogs about and the ELSA ICM (where a bunch of wannabe lawyers get a chance to meet and feel important and vote about things useless for a week - yes you guess it... I was never the ELSA type - too much paroli, pepe and faux pepe put into one place! - wink goes out to former ELSA gurus Andrew and Conrad!).

I'm off for a massage at the Hilton.... piu' pepe non si puo'... but then I'm a Pacevillian and we can afford the luxury to be pepe, cosmopolitan, hamalli and anything else you can think of... Paceville rules!

6 commentaires:

the jacobin a dit…

Thursday, Friday and Saturday King Lear is being played at the Manoel...if that's your sort of thing

Angelo Chetcuti a dit…

ghandek bzonn tirrileksja b'massage wara t-tidwira li qlajtu s-sibt....

Pierre J. Mejlak a dit…

David u Gybexi: X'suppost nghidu ghall-fatt li Jacques sejjer il-Hilton jaghmel massage?

Kenneth a dit…

seeing the bloody signs pasted everywhere

Yes, and whoever designed them: I'm sorry, but they suck.

Athena a dit…

Hmmm massage il-Hilton... is it *that* sort of massage jew?:P

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

hmmm... missed the massage at hilton... went to fortina today... was wonderful... will blog soon.. promise