mercredi, novembre 02, 2005

CCCP (or the real immigrant workers)

Just enough time to make a postlet (like a cheeselet - small in nature and size but still with the desired quality and taste). Congrats to fup for a wonderful Karnival (and still greater thanks to Maltagirl for having started this monthly appointment.

Malta rules. The weather is fantastic the food is incredibly good. Budget has come and gone and I cannot be bothered with the details although I am in the midst of it all. Swimming at Ghar Lapsi was beautiful (stumbled into film crew of "Ghostboat"). Loved the Waterfront (apart from the Auschwitz-like gates across the bay leading to the berth for cruisers). Loved the tarmac wherever it happened. Can recommend some eating places - Hugo's for sushi, Blue Room for everything, particularly fried ice cream, my mom's for turkey roast.

Now I have one question for all the african immigrant haters out there... do you just not see the russians around you or are they acceptable because they are not black?

I go on the bus - russians.
I eat japanese - russian waiter.
I phone Hilton for an appointment - russian accent.
I phone Fortina for an appointment - russian accent.
I get escorted to Fortina Spa - russian woman.
I get oriental massage - russian girl named natasha.

So the immigrants on boats are stealing our jobs? Hmm.. Somehow I am not convinced.

Dasvidanya. Or however one would spell that. Off to watch Juve vs. Bayern. And Angelo.... my massage worked wonders... you might need it after Eindhoven!

5 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

Swimming in November... sunshine... good food... *cries* Jacques you are so cruel.

gybexi a dit…

heh. il-alla x'post din.

I eat sushi, immur il-fortina ghal oriental message, nixtri b'Lm12000 shares, nixtri kumpanija Libjana tat-thaffir ghaz-zejt, nordna sigarru ta' Lm450 mill-Kuba, nixtri Bentley irristawrata, ecc ecc


G a dit…

Just wanted to say that I've got you linked to my blog cos for some absurd reason I enjoy reading your blog :) and it's only polite eh!

Angelo Chetcuti a dit…

It's true...I guess I need to go to Malta for a while!

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

mhux hekk trid taghmel gybexi... mela tinheba wara subghajk taparsi tilghab il-boules meta filfatt qed tihhobbnobbja ma' l-elit bruxelloise?

forza milan. gozo was great. swam in ramla. now off to eat chinese... (expecting russian waiters)