dimanche, novembre 20, 2005

A Day of Rest

Not much to blog about today. Just a few loose ends in fact. I type as I await the final whistle of Fiorentina - Milan. The Viola are winning two goals to one. I do not remember being happy for a Florentine victory but there always has to be aa first. The road is long anyway... and in the meantime I will go on relishing the 4-1 victory over Roma.

Fausto missed a post of mine which probably got lost for many of you seeing the dearth of comments. Contrary to what Mr Majjistral stated in today's post, I DID blog about Lorna's piece this week. It's right here - it got lost among the Fallujah posts.

Oh. I have not mentioned it yet but it is very cold in Luxembourg. The temperature alternates between -1 and 1. Winter is here after the pleasant false start. Xitan has entered a de-fleaing and re-toilet training phase. I am still not 100% sure about disciplining cats.... dogs ok... but cats... well if I manage this one I could try becoming a Jesuit.

Zat's all for now. Thanks for continuing to read as we approach 30,000... wherever you are.

* Photo is a view of the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg
(Site of EU institution buildings) - Source Internet

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Markus a dit…

I enjoyed the photo of Kirchberg. I was there for an EU interview in early September and I have very pleasant memories (even though I didn't get the job).