vendredi, novembre 11, 2005

Morally Superior

Jacobin says that by condemning America on the strength of one documentary I am only trying to be morally superior. The photo above is what MK77 does to your body. It is not the result of an experiment. It was taken in Fallujah. It happened to real people who moved from Saddam's terror to Bush's democracy.

The main agent of MK77 is Phosphorous which, thanks to its affinity to water attacks only molecules containing water. Hence the mutilated bodies with intact clothes (clothes contain no water molecules unlike our bodies which are 98% water).

They found women holding prayer beads.
They found children with their mothers.
They found men holding white flags of surrender.
This was meant to be their liberation. Not their deathbed.

I ask Jacobin, if your country where to be suddenly oppressed by some dictator - how many people would jump enthusiastically at the idea that George Dubya is coming to save them?

On the other hand I regret asking. I probably know the answer will be a commingling of moral superiority and underhand references to Auschwitz. For Christ's sake open your eyes man - at least you still have them. Which cannot be said for exhibit 0245-04-F-04.

Sorry for this dark post on my birthday guys. Will make amends by posting a picture of a cake or something. Promise. Now start forwarding this link.

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