mercredi, novembre 23, 2005

Odds & Ends

A few odds and ends to blog about. Consider it an administrative and information notice.

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  1. Firstly, the image above is of a Fuji Finepix S9500. Which is the camera that I have set my eyes on. It would be nice if anyone with a minimum knowledge of photography could help me along with my choice. Any comments on its quality or possible alternatives (quasi-SLRs) would be nice. Thanks to the former blogger, hazevi for his tips. His photos can be seen here and they are fantastic (he even manages to make Guze look passably good when out of focus! :) )
  2. Secondly in this post I referred to Mongolia having 130 "troops" in Iraq. Following certain questions received in private let me reassure you by saying that "troops" is a military abbreviation used for troopers. It does not imply, as many think, a group of persons but one person or trooper. Hence the sum total of the third largest contingent in Bush's Grand Coalition is .... 130 men.
  3. Finally, Sean Madden has opened a discussion at iNoodle with an interesting question. All those wishing to participate in the search for the right democracy are urged to log onto his blog and write on! This is the kind of exercise for which I created the blog called Postform. Sean and maybe the Unknown Candidate should take a look and consider joining the list of contributors there (to join just send me your blogger email and I will add you on!).
  4. For lovers of archaic Maltese ... a new post on the Bollettino has been added.... and the Spoof Site has struck again.

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Raffael Mancini a dit…

What about Canon EOS 350D. It seems to be of very good quality. (Examples of Pictures taken by this model:

Sean M. Madden a dit…

Thanks, Jacques.

Quick URL correction, though ...

Blog: (not Blogspot)

Specific Post/Discussion Alluded to Above:
A Worldwide Call for Input:


Sean P.S. I'll check out Postform ...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

thanks raffael... are you in luxembourg?

Kenneth a dit…

Have you checked out the Fuji FinePix F11? Definitely not as pro as that S9500 or the Canon Digital Rebel XT, but from what I've read, the F11 (and its F10 predecessor) are excellent Point & Shoot cameras.