mardi, novembre 15, 2005

and the winner is .... Pierre J. Mejlak

It's official. The Malta Journalism e-Journalist Award goes to none other than blogger Pierre J. Mejlak. Heartfelt congratulations from J'Accuse and I am sure from all the blogging community. Well done Pierre! Have a lager on me in Gozo and keep up the good work!

The Times gloats that it has left the competition far behind by winning six awards. Somehow it feels like Celtic or Rangers gloating that they are the best in Scotland. There is something missing isn't there? I mean. Competition. For heaven's sake.

Meanwhile we point out to readers that the absence of Dame Gramatically Incorrect from the Palmares is solely attributable to the fact that these are journalism awards. Opinion columns and prosaic pieces are not eligible for the coveted prizes. We hope that this is the right week for the return of TGIL to the prize grabbing pages of the Times of Malta.

But we digress. Prosit Pierre... you made the blogging community proud!

4 commentaires:

Raphael Vassallo a dit…

Congrats, Pierre.

Meanwhile, in response to some scepticism expressed in previous posts re white phosphorus and its effect on clothes, here is what today's Independent (UK) had to say:

"The photographic evidence, broadcast last week by the Italian state broadcaster Rai, is horrendous. The station has obtained pictures from Fallujah that show corpses with horrific burns. The victims' flesh has dissolved, but often the clothes are left intact. This is consistent with the use of white phosphorus on humans."

david a dit…

Pierre was in top form yesterday as Lanzarote's report demonstrates clearly. Well done Pierre!

Rafael - welcome to the Land of Blog. You may yet win an award in this category next year. By the way, why is there no opinion column award? Or is that not considered real journalism down under?

Athena a dit…

Prosit to Pierre indeed, great news that a blogger won this award.

Re competition: I've had many lively arguments with the chairman of the press club on the same topic. Oh well.

Pierre J. Mejlak a dit…

Jacques, Raphael, David and Athena - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm at the airport. Hopefully I'll find some time to jot down a few lines late tonight. Thanks agian. Much-appreciated.