lundi, novembre 07, 2005

Bean there ...done that

Having been bombarded with numerous unsolicited emails (that includes you Banny) reminding me of the Beanies Tour of Europe I feel compelled to reproduce their itinerary on this uberpopular blog just in case any of those reading planned to be in Sigharting on the 10th of December and still had not sorted their night out: Rock on alison!

beangrowers AUTUMN 2005 EUROPEAN TOUR

We, 23.11.05 UK-London - The Hope And Anchor
Th, 24.11.05 UK-Brighton - The Engine Room
Sa, 26.11.05 SWITZERLAND - Winthertur - Albani
So, 27.11.05 SWITZERLAND -Zürich - Werk 21 @ Dynamo

Mo, 28.11.05 GERMANY - Köln - Blue Shell
Di, 29.11.05 BELGIUM - Gent - Kinky Star Club
Do, 01.12.05 GERMANY - Rostock - Mau - (+ Paula)
Fr, 02.12.05 GERMANY - Leipzig - Ilses Erika
Sa, 03.12.05 GERMANY - Essen - Grend
So, 04.12.05 GERMANY - Dresden - Kurländer Palais am

Mo, 05.12.05 GERMANY - Berlin - Magnet
Di, 06.12.05 GERMANY - Erfurt - Centrum
Fr, 09.12.05 AUSTRIA -Steyr - Röda
Sa, 10.12.05 AUSTRIA -Sigharting -Kupro Sauwald

Mo, 12.12.05 GERMANY - Konstanz - Kulturladen
Di, 13.12.05 SWITZERLAND -Biel - St. Gervais
Do, 15.12.05 GERMANY - Langenau - Fishermans Cafe
Fr, 16.12.05 GERMANY - München - Atomic Cafe

Someone should tell the Beanies that unless you are a member of the Brit royal line, the Greater Germany and UK do not constitute a European Tour. More like a tour of the House of Hesse to me! Thank god for the inclusion of Ghent...

Meanwhile the tour does not seem to hit the Parisian fiery landscape. Pity... coz he would be happy. And alison... if you're reading... say hi to mike!

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wwwitchie a dit…

Oh shurrup *lol* European tour u mhux European tour... laqtu l-likk ghax gejjin Brighton! Yippee!

gybexi a dit…

...u Gent