mercredi, novembre 09, 2005

and now for something completely different...

The shirtsleeves are rolled up. The work has begun. You may have already noticed the beginning of the refurbishment process at J'Accuse. Unlike other blogs or pages it will not change suddenly. It will be a step-by-step process as time will allow - a tinker here and a tinker there. In a nod to Darwinian evolution the fittest of changes will survive. The crappier ones will be left to rot on the side. In the meantime the J'Accuse mark has finally appeared on the pages of the blog after an earlier appearance on the merchandising. I am of course talking about the spermatozoa adorning these pages. The sperm is a symbol I chose some time ago for anything satirical I wrote and it has found its place onto J'Accuse which is after all how it all began (the blog, not life I mean).

What caused the change? A disgruntlement with a carnivalesque looking site: a yearning for simplicity and Pierre's final comment that it looked like a "Bazaar tal'-Azzjoni Kattolika". I want more black and white. I want less colour. More focus on the words less on the frills. Frankly I want Fausto's template. As I type david wonders in the comments whether I might be about to have a baby - I might be approaching thirty (and I might have a big yearning for a mini-Jack) but it is not yet time. Patience David... and rest assured that once he/she is born he/she will be wearing a black and white scarf!

So bear with the changes please. Feel free to comment (not that anyone has ever held you back) on any features you see... and I might even take heed (especially if comments come from a frank and pleasant gozitan!).

A bien tôt.

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5 commentaires:

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Darwinian is best. That is, at least, how my template came about.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

and there was I hoping to receive the template in my inbox... :)

Pierre J. Mejlak a dit…

Jacques, have you considered asking Durex for a sponsorship?

Athena a dit…

It's easy to change your template to Fausto's. Do you want me to send you the html code?

Kenneth a dit…

Ħsibt li das-simbolu l-ġdid kien referenza sottili għat-tifsiriet l-oħra mniżżla fid-dizzjunarju. Kont żbaljt, mid-dehra.