mercredi, novembre 30, 2005

Tunnel Vision (and now the news)

Luxembourg is incredible. The Domestic News section in any news providing medium is always boring to say the least. As we all know, no news is good news, but what is incredible is the constancy with which "No News" is available in Letzebuerg. Today's headliner is Traffic Accident (in tunnel - with picture)... Here is rest of today's domestic (as in national) news from

Domestic News

Prisoner Rearrested [30-NOV-05]
"A man was returned to Schrassig prizon after being captured in the early hours of yesterday morning...." >>> more >>>
Child Stuck in Lift [30-NOV-05]
"A child got stuck in a lift in Esch-sur-Alzette on Monday afternoon, but was later freed. A young..." >>> more >>>
Tunnel Accident [30-NOV-05]
"A traffic accident occurred on Monday afternoon on the A13 motorway at the Mondorf tunnel, direction..." >>> more >>>
Dog Stops Train [30-NOV-05]
"A dog stopped a train in its tracks yesterday afternoon. The incident happened shortly before 3pm..." >>> more >>>
Police Bombing Email Address Compromised [29-NOV-05]
"The e-mail address announced by the police last week concerning a request for information to aid the..." >>> more >>>

I am still undecided what the man could be in prison for. Blocking children in lifts? Causing a traffic accident? Putting a dog on railtracks? or Reading the news?

Complain, complain, complain... I should be content with all this shouldn't I? Somehow we are never content. OR maybe I just miss the Luxembourgish Lorna equivalent that would make some days of the week more interesting.


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Mark Vella a dit… qed jintrigani dan l-ahhar huwa li f'xi zmien, hawnhekk kellhom xi speci ta' Unabomber li ghandhom ma qabdux, jekk il-kompresnjoni fjakka tieghi tal-Letzeburgisch mhux qed tqarraq bija. Madankollu ghandi ma sibt xejn dwarha din il-grajja.

Van 't schlift jekk forsi taf tghidli aktar.


Jacques René Zammit a dit…

iva. huwa minnu. filfatt il-police bombing email link huwa dak. però jiena konvint li huwa unabomber dislessiku li minghalih bghat xi affarijiet fil-germanja.

l-apici tal-pjacir jibqa' il-kanal televiziv iddedikat kollu kemm hu ghad-dibattiti fil-kamra tad-deputati (kondotti intjerament bil-wanschklift)

david a dit…

u hemm x'suq tal-Milied helu faqqghulkom hdejn il-Gare...wiehed mill-istalls qed jikkompeti mal-gallariji tal-Fgura daqs kemm wahhal eliminju fojl mal-gabbana...

Athena a dit…

If you want boring news, try the Cambridgeshire news - country fairs, flower shows, parish gatherings, traffic warden tickets 50 cars in a day, little shop has been refurbished, road has been re-surfaced, post box removed from Street X ... The real *big* news was when some parish or other served a pig roast and the vegetarians were up in arms. Wow.

gybexi a dit…

"addi" mhux "adi".

imbasta lussemburgizi. pfft.

anita kienet hemm il-bierah... qaltli kollox inbidel - lanqas tinduna li hu l-istess pajjiz. ahem.

mela ciao u nghidilkom moien,
wanneschglift, addi, etc (kif ukoll... Wanneschglift nach eng keier erop, mein mo ass do uewen haenken bliiiiiewen!!)

gybexi a dit…

btw - hemm min jaqra il-Land hemm? (D'Land -

Kienet tajba dik il-gazzetta jahasra...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

u anki assfidanken...

della serie "ghawdxi u kburi": the day you learn to speak and write luxembourgish is the first day of the eternal boredom in your life. le ma naqrax land.

donnu kien hawn xi erba minn nies hawn. how sweet. sirna popular.

Hsejjes a dit…

Believe me Jacques you still have to sample the boredom of Danish news and the impossibility of the Danish language. The highlight of Agerskov Avisen was that a cow (of the four legged kind of course) had run away and was last seen strolling around in the village for the language, don't even think of going there. Nothing beats Danish boredom.