dimanche, novembre 27, 2005

De Retour

My weekend started in Metz. A good Friday night out at a Tapas bar... A late morning at M.'s mum with the usual sumptuous breakfast. Shopping in Metz is always a pleasure. There is the SAFI (Italian products) where I stock up on the charcuterie d'italie. But above all there is FNAC. Here is a list of the usual eclectic purchases:

Las Vegas Crooners (Compilation)
Paul Anka - Rock Swings (it rocks, or should I say it swings?)
Les Ogres de Barback - La Fanafare du Belgistan (never heard of them but i already love them)
Le Cirque des Mirages - Fumee d'Opium (a sort of modern Brel)
Michel Sardou - Best of (MS) (further freducation)
Kusturica's Underground DVD ( preparing for Goran Bregovic concert at the Philarmonie on Thursday)

That's it. It's freezing. I still have not found a nice parka. Metz, Longwy and Saulnes are beautiful under snow. Xitan is teething. She brought me a canine (or is it a feline?) as soon as we arrived. Christmas deco has started. We have a huge sapin... transported first half today.

It's a tree but not a true tree otherwise it would die die die ....

a demain!

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