vendredi, novembre 11, 2005

Spoofing Mr Majjistral

Ok. Ok. My little Birthday Joke. I hope Fausto forgives me for this but I could not resist a little spoof site as I tinkered with blogger to come up with the new look J'Accuse. So here it is ladies and gentlemen....

Handle with care. And remember "Ludendo Castigat Mores".
Suggestions still welcome (here or there).

5 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

You know, this sperm obsession is quite worrying.
[cue "Every sperm is sacred"] :P

gybexi a dit…

Naqbel Athena. Verrrry worrying (and somewhat sinister too).

He's growing old(er) I guess - clearly he's quite worried that some things won't function for much longer. oh the good old days...

Gak, don't tempt Fausto - he's a figures man and it won't take him too long to research (and divulge) accurate percentages on your current sperm count if he's "forced" to do so! achtung baby! :p

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Even the "9" looks like a spermatozoon. :)

Zemploid a dit…

Planting blogs all over the blogosphere, and now planting images of spermatozoa all over the blogosphere.

Freud would have had a field day, Jacques ;-)

Raphael Vassallo a dit…

Hi Jacques

Just thought I'd take advantage of your blog to shamelessly publicise my own.

Fond regards
Raphael (No relation to Lorna. I think...)

PS Nice tadpole btw