jeudi, novembre 10, 2005

Stop America Now

I do not know what to write. I just need anybody who is reading to do the following:

1. Go here.
2. Download the movie.
3. Watch it.
4. Forward the link to as many people as possible.

It is appalling.
The United States entered Iraq to free the world of WMD's.
In November 2004 the US army used MK77 on civilians and combatants in Fallujah.
MK77 is not napalm (that has been prohibited by the UN since Vietnam) but has the same effect.
This documentary contains evidence that will be difficult to disprove.

The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.
The United States used Chemical Weapons in Fallujah.

What kind of conscience do these people have?

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Athena a dit…

Madonna Jacques, kexkixtni. I'm definitely forwarding this.

the jacobin a dit…

Before you go on another crusade which does little except cultivate a sense of moral superiority among Europeans, you might want to do a bit of research about what went on in Fallujah before the Americans attempted to re-take it.

You should also know, as a lawyer, that one documentary is by no means sufficient to prove allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Germans had the Holocaust
The British had India and the Empire
The French had Algeria
Belgium had the Congo
The Maltese government itself has virtually disregarded the whole idea behind habeas corpus with regard to illegal immigrants, and is one of Moamar Ghaddafi's best friends.

So please, please, be careful before doing a polka of pride about the continent you live in.

(none of this excuses the U.S if they actually did use an illegal substance, but you have in no way substantiated that claim. One documentary filled with antiwar propoganda is by no means enough)

Try again.

Athena a dit…

Ummm I can see another playground fight about to erupt so I will merely say that those scorched corpses are not "anti-war propaganda". They are the result of chemical weapons (do some research on chemical warfare if you don't believe me). How many more victims do you need before you're convinced that America used chemical weapons? And why do you assume that if someone objects to this barbarity it's because they feel superior?

the jacobin a dit…

I'm not basing my 'superior' allegations on this post alone - that would, I'm sure we can both agree be foolish. The truth is that as the author of this blog has hinted on several occasions, he does feel a frisson of pride at being European (to the extent that the Maltese can really be termed so) and looks down on the U.S in general.

Re your conclusion that those corpses were the result of chemical weapons - the last time I checked, Athena, your specialty was anthropology, not medicine. But to deal with your question directly, avoiding ad hominem remarks, I would say that I need information from a variety of trustworthy sources before I believe any allegation regarding manifestly improper conduct - anti-American propoganda is so widespread in Europe that I will check any allegation once, twice, three times before I believe it.

Markus a dit…

I am new to this world of Maltese blogs but as an expat Maltese I'm glad to have discovered it.

Putting the blame for Falluja or Algeria or whatever on nations is too simplistic and I dare say not very useful. I live and work in the U.S. and I can tell you that the anti-war movement is thriving here as it has not done since the 60s.

In my experience, those Americans who are against the war (and they are not few), can often articulate their opposition much better than many people I've talk to in Malta who simply repeat the same old "I hate Bush"/"I hate America" rhetoric like a broken record.

This war was launched by fools intoxicated with power who exploited the justified fear and anger of ordinary Americans after 11 September 2001 to push an old imperialist agenda. They continue to enjoy some support among the American public for reasons too complicated to go into here. That support varies from the jingoistic to the "we broke it, we should fix it". In general, the American public is as ill-served by its political class as the Maltese public is by its MLPN duopoly.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Thanks federico and welcome to the blogosfera. Jacobin. I am sincerely worried about your comments. The dead bodies were either were the result of spontaneous internal combustion or alien intervention or chemical weaponry.Now seeing that the only army in the vicinity of fallujah when aforesaid bodies turned to burnt corpses was that of the US of A it wold be hard to disprove this evidence. That, coupled with the practical admission of the UK ministry of Defence that the Americans knew they were using MK77 makes your defence of the American Army ridiculous. Now I do not know about polkas, mazurkas or boleros but the continent I live in has nothing to do with the facvt that the Duh!mericans must be stopped. As a lawyer or as a human being I am appalled by the action of the Republican government. It is hypocritical and deadly. The British, the French and the germans all had their historical slip. As a human being (and not as a graduate) you should be able to arrrive at the simple conclusion that this does not justify anyone else's wrongdoings. I do not know (or need to know) why you crusade in defence of the Americans, nor why you seem to have to insist on a comparison to the Old Continent. The truth is that there is one world and it is getting smaller... we cannot afford to make mistakes... (or as your hero would put it - make no mistake about it)... we have no time to try again.

Athena a dit…

>the last time I checked, Athena, your specialty was anthropology, not medicine<

Archaeology actually my dear. And I'm sure you're aware that archaeology is a multi-disciplinary subject. Yes I know what happens to bodies, because I do study the depositional processes affecting bodies. And I also happen to have a very good background in biology. I also find your patronizing attitude odious. I could equally argue what gives you the expertise if all you seem to do is ramble pseudo-philosophically? Surely you realize that many people research outside any "boundaries" which you feel should exist.

the jacobin a dit…

Athena, I'm sorry - I regret the mistake, and apologise for it. Nevertheless, even though you study archaeology, I don't believe that on the basis of a few photographs, and a documentary, you can come to the conclusion that state of those bodies was entirely due to the actions of Americans. They could very well have been doctored for propoganda effects after the original bombing took place. None of this makes the death of innocent civilians less tragic or reprehensible - but it would provide perspective, if not solace.

Finally, re my patronizing attitude - nothing could be farther from the truth. I don't believe that I am any more or less expert than you are about this particular subject. I do believe, however, that when assessing such serious accusations, the word of an expert should count for far more than the word of a layman - and I don't believe either of us are experts. In those circumstances, I believe that it would be wise to reserve judgement before embarking on any crusades.

wwwitchie a dit…

Jacques, I'm trying to use your trackback on this post but it's not working! S.

Splengun a dit…

@ Jaques: I am not trying to disprove any evidence and please note that I have no legal knowledge whatsoever but could it be that the pictures of the dead were not actually taken in fallujah?

@ the jacobin: I think that the point that you have mentioned regards checking allegations against Americans "once, twice, three times before" believing them is very valid, but why?
Personally I think that the war on Iraq/terror/call it what you like, was just a vulgar display of power, nothing more, nothing less.