lundi, novembre 14, 2005

More American Democracy

Jacobin can rest for now. Fausto can wait for a while. What I am reporting is a suspicion of a fact and not the fact itself. The big EU machine is moving with regards to allegations that the CIA has operated prisons in Poland and Romania in order to provide that very special treatment to certain prisoners. The Commission will be making a statement before the European Parliament later today. POssible proof of their existence has been described as a potential bombshell. See more here at the BBC newsroom.

I have two more comments to make with regard to this and the recent Fallujah postings. Firstly this is not an anti-American crusade. I admit, I raise the stakes for a possible onus probandi that the American Government is a group of God-fearing, human right loving bunch of individuals. But I do not continue these observations solely out of some dislike for America. I sincerely believe that we cannot stand by and watch.

Secondly Sharon posted about the Rai documentary and general Fallujah information. She seems to share the Jacobin's scepticism about the veracity of the use of the weapons even though she has also seen the admission in the Commons of the use of MK77. What I find worrying is that we are reduced to Faustian (as in Majjistral not Goethe) questions such as how chemical is chemical? or How harsh is suffering? Personally I even find the definition prohibiting the use of certain weapons as being particularly weak.

Fausto's chemical concoctions are beyond belief. The "anything is chemical" line is absurd. If I took Fausto's minimising approach I would also reach the conclusion that spitting at an enemy involves the use of chemical weapons since saliva can be broken down into chemical components nay? Give me a break. White phosphorouse and excessive suffering should surely be placed in a different basket.

Otherwise we could all end up in the only basket that seems to fit humanity in these moments of madness.

What a basket case.

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Jurgen a dit…

whatever weapon is used, war remains an act of stupidity. Especially religion fuelled wars fought in the name of god/s. As far as i know the Jewish,Muslim and Christian god prefers peace.

yet history keeps repeating itself

wwwitchie a dit…

Jacques, I never said I don't believe that chemical weapons were used in Fallujah. There has been an admission by the US government, I don't think the fact itself is being contested. What I am sceptical about is whether the pictures in the documentary show the bodies of people who died as a result of the chemical weapons.

Fausto Majistral a dit…

The "anything is chemical" line is absurd.

I agree. Actually this line of argument is being made by those who are claiming that this was a "chemical attack". If one were to go by their definition anything short of a nuclear device would be classified as a "chemical weapon".

To the subject of the photo. It is one thing saying that WP was used, quite another to claim those are photos of the victims ("clothes contain no water molecules unlike our bodies which are 98% water" -- c'mon man you can't be serious).

Ditto the claim "They found women holding prayer beads. They found children with their mothers. They found men holding white flags of surrender.". This will turn out to be like the Jenin massacre (sic). You wait and see.

wwwitchie a dit…

Fausto seems to agree with me (if I understood right). Now I'm tempted to change my opinion *grin*

Fausto Majistral a dit…

I should have done that too! :p