lundi, novembre 07, 2005

Walk & Whine

Malta's only opposition in Parliament will walk from Freedom Square to the House of Representatives in what has been billed by the MLP as a 'gesture of solidarity' with whoever is hard hit by the budget. This Malta Love Parade will be another occasion for the Labourites to moan and groan about the sick state of the nation. What it will not do is offer solutions. What it will not do is tell the poor people how a government under haphazard Sant will improve their state. What MLP need to get PN to do is to walk a mile in these people's shoes... and this is not achieved with a posing passerelle along Republic Street.

"The march will start at 5.30 p.m. In Parliament, Alfred Sant's speech will focus on the things that are worrying people, such as redundancies, said Dr Mangion, who was speaking during a party activity in Mosta."

Alfred Sant will highlight what is worrying us... and talk about redundancies. An autobiography perhaps?

P.S. I am back (like Bocca) but normal blogging service will take some time to resume.... work overload!

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