mardi, octobre 11, 2005

Non Sequitur #30

The Far Side

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It's news Jim, but not as we know it!

1. Elite Challenged By Drugs
Following Lapo Elkann's unfortunate encounter with cocaine, a number of sympathy interviews have been flooding the Italian media. Some expressions are of solidarity with the person, others – as has already been noted – seem to blame society for the ills that befell the well to do. Mario Borghezio an MEP from the Lega Nord had this to say: "È ora che qualcuno sollevi questo problema perché questa larga diffusione può pregiudicare il futuro dell'elite del domani» (It is time that someone mentions this problem because the large availability (of drugs) could damage the future of tomorrow's elite). As I said yesterday… if this is tomorrow's elite!

2. Jail or Girlfriend?
It appears that an Algerian escapee has given himself up to Police in Padova. The reason? He prefers life in prison to life with his girlfriend. It appears that he pleaded to astonished police to let him back into jail rather than having to face his girlfriend again. The Magistrate acceded to his request. He will finish his 9 month jail term in Padova and will face new charges for evading Ferrara prison. I guess his girlfriend will not be waiting up!

3. Nesta's Other Overdose
Italy and Milan defender Alessandro Nesta has been sidelined for one month. Nothing new here – a normal event in the life of players. The problem is that it seems that Nesta is an assiduous player of Playstation games and his injury is to be found in his thumb. A stressful injury that will keep the multi-million salaried player off the pitch for a month. With elite like these one wonders what the mediocre and normal looks like! Anyways… it's always one less of the enemy!

4. The real Elite – President Opong?
Liberia votes today for its new president. The choice is between ex UN functionary Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf and former football star George Weah who many of us like to remember with Marseille and like to forget playing with Milan. Mr Weah chose a rather difficult form of retirement and instead of resting on his laurels has begun a new life as a politician. Not that during his time as a football player this was missing. His numerous acts aimed at the reconstruction of Liberia even during his footballing career are famous. Bet you he wouldn't know what to do with an ounce of coke!

5. Io Odio Le Armi!
UNICEF have launched a new campaign against the devastating effects of bombs and weapons on children. This campaign takes the form of a short Smurf (Puffi) cartoon in which the Smurf village is under attack. Smurf village is transformed into a modern Baghdad and Smurfette (puffetta) is pictured lifeless. Ridateci Gargamella!

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