jeudi, octobre 27, 2005

The Ninth Symphony

It has been baptised the Ninth Symphony. Yesterday's victory at home versus Sampdoria was Juventus' ninth on the trot in this year's league. Since the start of the Campionato they have always taken three points. For the quiz enthusiasts out there this is a record for the Campionato. The goalscorers on this day were Trezegol (spunta il Francese dalla mischia) and the new Mutu (thank you to Chelsea and Mourinho). Since it is Juventus the record will lose some of its shine as the bianconeri are expected to be a mean machine. If it were some provincial team (which claims to have invented the spoon) we'd never hear the end of it.

On this historical day, the nerazzurri of Milan committed hara-kiri to the team that will probably slip against Ascoli in just the same way it shone against the likes of Adriano, Recoba and Materazzi.

It is these stats and comments (as biased as can be) that also form part of the real game.
This game that can draw metaphors to an Ode to Freedom.
This is the game that can have the good, the bad and the ugly.
This too is football.

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david a dit…

I thought the "ugly" link was going to lead to another photo of Moggi. But I guess there's a limit to self-irony.

Concerning Lapo, it seems he might just end up in the very same Arizona clinic where Kate Moss is hanging out. The possibilities are, of course, infinite. Books, films. Or a Guze Stagno novel with an episodic plot.