mardi, février 28, 2006

Non Sequitur #49

The Real Muscle

The European Union said Monday that it will give the Palestinian Authority $143 million in emergency aid before the newly elected Hamas leadership forms a Palestinian government.

The EU package of 120 million euros comes as the Palestinian Authority struggles with a financial crisis amid the aid cutoff threats over a Hamas-led government.

The EU, meeting in Brussels, Belgium, said the funds would help pay for Palestinian energy and utility bills, health and education programs, and the Palestinian Authority payroll.

For 2006, the United States budgeted $234 million for Palestinian aid. Last year, the European Union gave the Palestinian Authority more than $600 million.

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Interpretation #1 : Some prefer to invade others prefer to invest.
Interpretation #2: Fejn marru il-100 miljun? Il-Palestina!
Interpretation #3: What's on the Movie Channel?
Interpretation #4: What about Israel?

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