jeudi, février 23, 2006

Pleased As Punch

You know the thing with jokes?
They're all about the punch line. :) :) :) :)
- Jacques René Zammit (comedian/purcinell)

Just to clarify a few things I left pending in the last post. Firstly, the term wankellectual was not invented for Mark (that would be too much would it?). I am afraid the honour goes to a forgotten person in the pre-blogging days one drunken night at misfits. The term was invented in the company of Tufigno the other lawyer.

Secondly, I note that David (seems he does not like being called dolly what with his gf reading and all) deemed it necessary to tip his hat off to me for being a naughty boy. You can keep your hat on David. There was no need for the bilious excretion by the misunderstood poet for you to note that. The declaration of intent (of naughtiness if you will) was always there to be seen. Check out the Kinnie Generation post (and the word of warning) way back (haha sound like Toni "u hallik mill-wankellettwali") on 10th March 2005. Naughty naughty... but he (j'accuse) can be ebeneezer goode. No probs David, we move on. The tough upbringing of the law course does give us a thick outer skin that others would (not) dream of having. Just take it easy on the salt...

Thirdly, we have started a sweet (beautiful, elegant and subtle too) campaign that is not a campaign. Pulcinella's mask will adorn J'accuse until carnival is gone. Some might need a reminder of the tradition behind carnival. The reign of stupidity and ignorance before the time of meditation. Chaos before the silence. That silence that can sometimes be wise and sometimes presumptious. We will sit back and wait... till the next punch line beckons tastily and we will pounce on the opportunity.

Punch anyone? (Some love to drink it)

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