lundi, février 06, 2006

J'ose [#4]

Who's flag are they really burning?
(Vexatious Vexillology VI)

Conspiracy theorists of the world unite. J'accuse dares suggest that the flaring of animosity against the flag of the Danish folk is simply a pretext of the sons of Suleyman to avenge the pathetic showing of Dirghut and Piali Pasha back in 1565 when they returned to Constantinople after three long months of siege and a heavy defeat to the combined forces of the Knights of St John and the Valiant Maltese.

The Danish flag's similarity to the vexilla flown above the impervious bastions, gardjoli and galleys of the order is deemed to be at the source of all this problem. Furthermore it would seem that some bright spark has noticed that the great grandsons of Toni Bajada are now plotting a campaign of proselytisation by placing a graven image of Christ on the European Ceasar's coinage. Would this money be too hot to bear? Will it too be considered offensive to the sensibilities of other religions? Will it be Euro, Ewrow, Jurow or all of the above?

But most of all... will anyone get this joke?

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