dimanche, février 26, 2006


Seems like it is the season for projects. This is a (sort of) plug of various ideas taking shape elsewhere. Spring is in the air (almost). So I guess we are in for the renouvellement. All for the best probably. Allusions to projects are being made all over the place. Books being translated, blogs pausing on sabbatical or because other projects take priority. Some projects loose rhythm or need hibernation others are being born at the moment. The net is alive with the sound of blogging! (geddit?)

Anyways. This side of the blogosphere I am trying to coordinate the continuation of j'accuse with the birth of kinnie&twistees. Experiments have begun with a new form of blogging outside blogger - results can be seen here apart from the one on blogger which would be the Maltese twin of j'accuse. Justin will kindly start sharing the administration of Postform in an effort to infuse new blood in the dying project. Zemp should join the team of the laughing fit when his sabbatical is over. Once all is set in motion (personal deadline 10th March) it should make a chain of four blogs (including Bollettino). On the podcasting side - we promise never to bore anyone with our voice but look out for a one-off spoof of you-know-who once we manage to master the intricacies of the Garage Band Podcast Creator.

So finally much to blog about and much to blog with (and pod with). By the way, seems like maltagirl is up with her next carnival so do not forget to send your links.

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