mardi, février 21, 2006

The Common People

David over at dolly's zygote took I.M.Beck to task for his seemingly anti-democratic dismissal of the religious fanatic's wishes to put Jesus on the jingle. Another who often gives me the impression that the "great unwashed" should be invited for a collective shower and clean up session before being allowed to venture into the world of savants and wankellectuals is KZT in the Times. I find myself agreeing with Kenneth's article today. The "minglish" argument is one where many are prevented from calling a spade a spade. It's a case of "kullhad jifhem, kullhadd jghid tieghu, u mitt bniedem mitt fehma".

I loved Kenneth's statement which I quote directly:

"It is inevitable, when one lives in a tiny community like Malta and one that for thousands of years formed part of another empire or another country, that there should be this insecurity about what defines us culturally"

Maybe sometimes we worry too much about being the common people.

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