mercredi, février 08, 2006

A Daniel come to judgement!

"It is a characteristic of our people to express their religious feelings and worship the saints in a slightly peculiar manner which amuses foreign visitors. The bacchanalia of our feasts is one example; the image of the Baptism on the euro coin may perhaps be another. The pieces of silver, which represent the plutocratic kingdom, have nothing to do with the expression of faith and devotion to the saints. There are surely many other ways and means that are far better and more appropriate to reach that end."

Mgr Cauchi, Bishop Emeritus of Gozo.

Hallelujah! A Daniel indeed. Have I already said that this guy is Gozitan? Why does it always take a Gozitan to hammer some sense into this country of ours? Mgr Cauchi of the heavy accent has penned a sublime criticism of the result of the SMS vote which opted for Christ and the baptist on the Maltese euro. I only find fault in hiis definition of minorities and majorities when we are talking of 17,000 smses in a nation of 400,000 (and only 4,000 wanted the baptism).

On the other hand who can argue with the fact that both the Messiah and his anointer would be horrified to find themselves on a coin? Tajba din Nikol... ghogobtni wisq!

Read his article here.


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Then there's the self-loving Sant. Freddy not Toni. His latest contribution is entitled Priorities. Methinks that Freddy has one other thing in common with Toni... an undeclared love for the Eurovision. I am sure that, when asked, Freddy, like Toni, will declare that thankfully he is no longer really intrigued by the show. But, like Toni, dig into his words and deeds (sometimes a beach spade will do) and you will find clear symptoms of a Eurovision freak. In fact Freddy has taken to describing labour's plans as "doable"... I do(able) I do(able) I doooooooooooooo(able)...

Cooooooooool... Celentano é rock, la violenza é lenta ma Freddy é Eurovision!

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