mercredi, février 22, 2006

50 Most Wanted

Inspired by my last post, here is a preliminary list of the first 50 people that came to my mind when I thought of who I would like to meet most. Memory is not what it used to be and I am sure it needs adjusting as I remember and reflect. As it is, this is the raw version - unedited and uncut as it flowed off my mind onto paper. The criteria were mainly that the person had to be living, that time would be spent chatting about this and that, and that groups or teams tend to count as one person or meeting. So here it is... the Master comes first of course:

1. Roberto Benigni
2. Terry Pratchett
3. Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo
4. Edward Norton
5. Gialappa's
6. Rowan Atkinson
7. Umberto Eco
8. John Cleese
9. Dame Judi Dench
10. Lorenzo Cherubini (Jovanotti)

11. Quentin Tarantino
12. Arwen (Liv Tyler – in character)
13. Eddie Murphy
14. Paolo Villaggio
15. Billy Connolly
16. J.H.H. Weiler*
17. Sacha Baron Cohen
18. Paolo Rossi (the comedian)
19. Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie (in comic duo formation)
20. Robert De Niro

21. Alessandro Del Piero
22. Beastie Boys
23. The Brazil National Football Team (in a World Cup Half-time)
24. Dario Fo* & Franca Rame
25. Paolo Bonolis & Luca Laurenti
26. Monica Bellucci
27. Isabelle Adjani
28. Simona Ventura
29. Heather Parisi
30. Eddie Izzard

31. Bill Gates & Richard Branson
32. Claudio Bisio, Michelle Hunziker & Alba Parietti
33. Dalai Lama
34. Adriano Celentano
35. Enrico Montesano
36. Gigi Proietti
37. Dude from the Big Lebowski
38. Romario & Pelé
39. Samuel L. Jackson & Forest Whitaker
40. Moggi, Giraudo & Bettega

41. Paolo Coelho
42. Black Eyed Peas
43. The Fugees
44. Madonna
45. Roman Abramovich
46. Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt
47. Diego Abatantuono
48. Christophe Aléveque
49. John Nash (the man behind A Beautiful Mind)
50. The Friends troupe

* Already met. (48 to go)

5 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

Black Eye Peas or Black Eyed Peas?!?!?! I mean, do you want to meet them to punch them in their face or do you seriously want to meet ALL of them?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Thanks for the pointer pecklectrick - correction has been made. But wouldn't both terms mean the same thing?

Peklectrick a dit…

It's not really a semantic objection. I'm just curious as to what attracts you to want to meet them. I can understand Jovanotti, and Madonna, but can't fathom why you'd want to meet the Black Eyed Peas?

And you've just been added to the ever growing list of people who can't spell peklectrick...hehe But that is definitely excused.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Ok pickle-tickle.
The BEP's. Well I had taken a good look at the list and decided that it was missing someone to spend a good night of partying with. And it don't come any better than them... their music gets you reeling and grooving and as Hsejjes rightly said...Fergie rocks!

Peklectrick a dit…

Ok. Fair enough. But being born pedantic I must ask: will a night of partying consist of them playing their ehm ehm music? Sucha slave driver you are.

But that's a good enough explanation. Coming to think of it, I think the Hives would be great to party with...