vendredi, février 24, 2006

While we were bickering

While the Big Blogosphere Shakeup (passive or active) was happening the world failed to stay on hold. Here is a Spectator style roundup:

Anarchy in Iraq as Hundreds Killed
The exportation of democracy takes a new turn as the duh!mericans show us more and more that when they invaded they knew why they were invading, what they were doing and exactly how they were to go about it. Yeah the next phase in our democratisation process is what we call Civil War. Don't worry folks... we went through it too.

Moscow roof caves in
In a Pirella style accident, the roof of a Muscovite supermarket caved in under heavy snow. 56 died. The architect was also responsible for another building which collapsed two years ago.

The Great Bank Robbery
The greatest Cash robbery in Britain was committed by an armed gang. The method used mimicked a Hollywood movie whose name escapes me. It involved keeping the manager's family hostage throughout the operation.

Malta Communications Authority :
Bullies of the Weak (aerial view)
The MCA ruled that Melita Cable was obliged to block out Rai and other channels because it did not have distribution rights for the soccer programmes. too true. Only question is that Melita Cable had been distributing the aforesaid programmes before it decided to set up its pay per view system. Where was the MCA at the time? So the MCA does not intervene to stop the flgrant violation of distribution rights but will, in the interests of competition, ratify a move that will only benefit the coffers of the monopolist. Unless you posses an eighties style aerial that is. (Rai cannot crypt the airwaves (yet)).

In Sports
Lionel Messi became the 89th Argentinian outlined by Diego Armando Crackadona as his successor.

Normality repristinated. Fuck yeah!

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metzdorf a dit…

awesome, lol just awesome

vlad a dit…

Yeah man, totally awesome! RLMGMFAROLC (Really laughing my goddman m-fing ass right off like crazy). Before anyone tries to steal that, I invented it! So hands off!!

Kenneth a dit…

1. Having Aerial TV rocks... At least we can watch the World Cup and Champions League matches on Mediaset (not that I really care about the latter, but I guess I'd be interested in the former, especially since I think they coincide with the end-of-year exams will be a great alternative to studying)

2. Re: linking to David. Since the "Fuck yeah!" refers to his latest post, why not link directly to his latest post? Those following the link in a month's time won't get the reference as he would have updated his blog and the "Fuck yeah!" post would not be in the frontpage (where they will land after they follow your current link.)

Other bloggers, please note the above. It helps make blogs a bit more readable to anyone reading them in the future. Let's make the blogosphere a better place :) *cue "Ngħidu Iva" and waving lighters*