mercredi, février 15, 2006

Humour vs. Humour vs Blog

One of the first books in French that I bought on my arriving in Luxembourg was the "Dictionnaire de l'Humeur Juif". One thing I love about Jews is their sense of humour. I find in particular that God's chosen people, having been dealt with a destiny that is rife with misfortunes and sufferings have learnt to find humour in sadness. They learnt the basic formula - to laugh about life. For that the credibility of the jewish way of life increases tenfold from my point of view. Now this bit of news comes in (via Boing! Boing!).

An young man from Tel-Aviv working at Dinoma Comix followed the Mohammed cartoon controversy and noted the Iranian newspaper's competition for anti-jewish cartoons. The solution that he saw was to better them "on our own turf" as he so rightly put it. The result is an Israeli Anti-Semitic Contest in which Israeli cartoonists will show that no-one can laugh about themselves better than the Israelis. I'm with them on this one. I'm with anyone who knows how to laugh about himself.

On the subject of cartoons the lady at outloudandproud has a pretty nifty collection of satire about the Maltese. At 5 for Lm15 I think that the collection of prints is a bargain and I am thinking of ordering a set to display in the corridor at the Court of Justice. I really dig the cartoon about Dar Malta. On the other hand I wish her blog would be less aggressive to the eye. I guess it still has not settled but there seem to be too many differently formed banners and buttons all over the place. Which is a pity since it tends to detract from the humour of the site (which looks a bit like a female version ofRaphael's Saved from the Skip!). By the way, it looks like Raphael is all caught up in the six nations and has orphaned his blog since returning in January.

And once we are on the subject of new blogs, it seems that the Liberal trend is still on the high crest. New blogger, Pietru Caxaru calls himself a liberal too. There are many of us out there. Sometimes I wonder whether it would not be better to call ourselves libertarians. The liberals in the blogosphere seem to cover a wide spectrum from green-liberal, to left-liberal to right-liberal. The label has been watered down. Good luck to Caxaru - who also picked the white minima style as a template. It seems to be the most popular on the Maltese side of the blogosphere.

Another recent addition to the blogosphere, Vlad has continued his vituperous attacks on all things journalistic. I wondered for a second whether his allusion to a nameless author when criticising Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was not to myself. But then that might be too presumptious of me and my blog. Wouldn't it?

The blogosphere, may I humbly report to all those doomsayers who were around a couple of months back, is healthy and running. Toni is still breaking new frontiers for all us humble backwater bloggers to wade into later on, Mark is still running a healthy banana factory, Pierre is still waxing lyrical about all things picturesque, Krizi is reformed into a leading thinker, Gybexi is still architecturally inclined to give us the alternative scene, D is still jazzing it all up and Maltagirl is still busy giving it all the feminine touch. Hsejjes and Athena love to pop around from time to time while Antonio is being harassed by anonymous comments - Maqluba has transformed into an anonymous commentator in his spare time and Guze still calls everyone fuckers. "Fucker"s I will say again in a hope that this paragraph will have to be censored if reproduced on WT that window on Malta on the net. Fausto has vanished (my suspicion is that he has better pseudonyms to deal with now), Sharon stutters and Zemp still complains regularly. The artist known as fup throws in an idea or two ever more constantly, Kenneth is getting over exam fever and justin comes up with a bio-friendly post every month.

healthy no? Ah yes... and then there is Lanzarote. The best clone since Dolly has been cloned for spoof. Pity no one noticed. Go here to see the latest creation in akkuzatnejn the site for spoofing the spoofers.

One last thing. I use bloglines to follow what's new in other blogs. It does not seem to always work. Any ideas for anything better?

And Gakbu Sfigho is not dead. Just hibernating.

PS It is pissing rain in Luxembourg. Which is a good sign because it means that the temperature gauge is above the 1 degree mark. But it is a bad sign because it means the humidity gauge is about to explode. Thought I might share that bright weather report with you.

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

One thing I love about Jews is there sense of humour

Watch out, the linguistic police will soon be after you...

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Prosit, iffrankajt multa ta' 10 marelli... tista' tħassar dawn iż-żewġ kummenti issa ;-)

MaltaGirl a dit…

Who needs bloglines when all the links are right here in this post?

Bloglines generally takes two to three hours to show up new posts, and when I asked about this, I was told that if it polled the RSS feeds too often, it would clog up people's blogs. I haven't liked any of the other aggregators that I've tried. I remember what it was like, opening twenty blogs in new tabs from my favourites list, until Kenneth sold me on the idea of an aggregator *nostaligia trip*

Have a nice rest-of-Wednesday, hope that your weather improves soon. It's actually sunny here in the afternoons, although it's still 6 degrees in the morning.

Il-Fre a dit…

hey jacques now you have to add my blog as well :)

gybexi a dit…

Watch out, the linguistic police will soon be after you...

not when the sheriff of lexical pedantry is the perpetrator of the crime in question he won't :p

he'll get off scot-free (and he won't even require the services of a lawyer to acquit him...)

Brazen Hussy a dit…

hey Jaak thanks for the wee rave about my 'toons and the wee rant about my blog's decor...bit too loud ya think? reflects my alter ego cos basically I'm a very subtle person...*smirk*..more have prompted me to do a poll on the "loudness" of my decor.