lundi, février 20, 2006

Times Editorial: What hallucinogens?

Not much time to go into the detail but today's TOM Editorial requires attention - if only since it looks like a rare example of writing under the influence. The influence that I refer to is not one of some heavy handed political party or some benevolent sponsor but of hallucinogens and drugs. The theme is the ever elusive Bridge to Gozo. The bridge that eluded Mintoff and his engineers from the Far East. The editor seems to justify a bridge to Gozo because we need to speed up the rate of destruction of the sister island. The ratio behind this is that since the Gozitans seem to have developed an uncanny efficiency at environment busting why not build a bridge and join in the fun.

And just when you think the natural high is all over the editorial comes out with this pearl of wisdom:

"However, it is undeniable that the existing ferries will get old and the government should start thinking from now what it is going to do to replace them. A tunnel would no doubt be the best option, providing it is doable. But the issue should be looked at in a holistic manner and not just with Gozo in mind. It should preferably stretch from the sister island to Valletta, branching out in between. What a bridge that would be! Why not set up a mixed technical project team to look into the matter?"

Sounds a bit like Frank Salt to me. Then we wonder how Lorna gets to be printed. I pass the paper to Vlad and Fausto for their usual breakdowns (of the material not of themselves).

Addenda: After I posted today's quill I noted that my posts of Saturday and Sunday have mysterioulsy disappeared. There was J'Ose #5 and Saturday's post which escapes me right now. Did those posts really exist? Have they been censored? If any of youy guys read them please let me know... otherwise I might just have been hallucinating!

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the jacobin a dit…

I read both, so as far as I can tell, no, you were not hallucinating.