samedi, février 04, 2006

Potential vs Real

This story in today's Malta Indy reminded me of a 12 rated joke we used to tell in the wind swept St. Aloysius' grounds just before our battered selves were shepherded into mass by some well meaning jesuit at the early hour of morning. The joke tells the story of this kid who asks his dad the difference between "potentially" and "really". So his dad sends the kid on an errand. He asks him to go ask his mum whether she would sleep with another man for a million pounds. The kid does so and returns with a positive answer but is none the wiser. So the dad sends him to go ask the sister whether, given the same choice she would opt to go for the money.

Returning with yet another positive answer the kid still informs the dad that the distinction between the two terms is none the clearer. So dad asks the kid - "Would you sleep with a man for a million pounds?" "But of course" is the answer, "but what does that tell me about potnetially and really".

"Well son" replies the dad, "potentially in this family we are millionaires, instead, really we see just two whores and a homosexual".

And what about the Independent's latest report. Well the Mindy has given us the southernmost tip in Europe, the densest state and now regales us with the valuable information that Malta ranks just outside the world top ten and tops the 10 new entrants in a particular category. What catergory? Simple - we are among those citizens in the world who are able to visit most countries without requiring a visa. Great innit?

If it weren't for the Lm40 you have to pay just because you decided you want to visit any of these states which do not require a visa. Hah. Great indeed. As our teachers used to vilely reply to the question "Miss, Can I go to the bathroom?" - "Of course you can, but you may not". Potentially we can go anywhere... in reality its too damn expensive to do so. Close your eyes, imagine you have a big metal ball tied to your left leg.... now run. But so long as we keep on topping lists...

We can be happy, jolly, tax-paying, "I-wish-Iwas-going-abroad", non-innovative, George-Cross bearing, Jesus-on-the-Euro, partisan supporting individuals.


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Kenneth a dit…

Hehe, excellent post there, Jacques.