mardi, février 28, 2006


"It's official. Citizens worldwide think Western leaders have made a fundamental mistake in their war on terror by invading Iraq," says Doug Miller, president of the international polling firm GlobeScan, which carried out the survey." - BBC World
Do you remember why Dubya decided that the US should invade Iraq and remove that terrible dictator? Aside from the story of hidden WMD's do you recall something in the lines of War on Terror? Do you recall the Axis of Evil? Well. The world should, by now, be a safer place shouldn't it?

People in the colder countries (like the snow covered Duchy) should be curled up infront of their fireplace feeling cosy. The only worry for workers in high rise buildings should be any manifestation of acrophobia. The only worry for tourists in various resorts around the world should be the ferry time-table. Dubya went to war on terror and some time back he also damn well won. Everyone was instructed to shoot down the evil men. Admittedly Cheney went one step too far. But that's Duh!Merica for you.... if you've got to do it... do it right!

So. Safe and sound eh? So what's all this about the world feeling that it is a more dangerous place? What's this global survey stating that the general public sentiment (barring duh!mericans and a few leftover minion countries) is that Iraq was a mistake? The poll results may be read in full from this summary. 60% of respondents think that the Threat of Terrorism has increased since Iraq.

Lovely. I think we should move to plan B - depose another undemocratic, non-international law respecting, goofy leader and hope for the best. Ideas anyone?

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Erezija a dit…

in all fairness to bush, i distinctly remember him saying that the war on terror will not be easy and it may last many years before the world will really be a safer place.... whatever 'safer place' really means, because in all probability one man's 'safe place' will be the cause of another man's inferno... did i say 'in all fairness to bush'? oh god, i take it back... i take it all back... ciao

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Prosit ereżija.

Plan B: depose Bush, Blair and Berlusconi. Democratically, that is...

Brazen Hussy a dit…

its hysterical isnt it...the WMD factories in Iraq still havent been found..all they could find were maybe some depots stockpiling aspirin..still havent been able to prove Saddam sponsored al-Qaeda..but them hardy duh!mericans as you appropriately call them are still "keeping the peace" in Iraq as it inexorably crumbles into a civil war...and the al-Qaeda threat is nowhere near neutralised...good peace-keeping job eh? Now just watch while Bush moves on to Iran with some more of his brilliant "peace-keeping" plans.