dimanche, avril 09, 2006

La Honte (j'accuse)

So now the Times has a "special correspondent". His or her job is to write about why the French should shut up and let us mistreat illegal immigrants in peace and look to their own ill-treatments instead. Bravu Cirillu. Le, le... prosit tal-programm.

First congrats should go to the Times. J'accuse has already shown that the Times is not that institution of objective analysis and reliability that its English homonym turns out to be. TGIL's trimensual articles are proof that there is no filter between intray and publication. And now we get Special Correspondents. Let me guess. Anonymous because otherwise the content of their drool will lead to loss of job in government department ddue to violation of ESTA code? Sorry, but anonymity in this case smacks too much of "we could not find anyone to put his name to this drivel".

Secondly, well done to the special correspondent. Even if all he said about France and its treatment of immigrants were true, even if we were to accept the vagueness of arguments that throw in integration and economic protests in the same basket - there is still one problem. What good does that do to Malta and its immigrants?

I mean. Idi Amin was probably a cannibal. Does that allow Gonzi to boil kids for lunch? Berlusconi would only tell him that he is copying the Chinese. Does that make it good? Does it make it any less revolting? I don't give a flying duck about what the French do to their immigrants or what the sans pareils of democracy are perpetrating in Guantanamo bay when it comes to assessing what happens at Safi. This is what I meant in my earlier la Honte posting. The shame of what is happening in Malta does not allow me to raise my head and look elsewhere and see what is happening.

It is natural law and natural rights that tell any reasonable human being that another human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect for his humanity. No amount of finger pointing will justify an activity that treats them any less.

If anything this is a chance for all those Maltese Supremacists out there to prove that they are better than the French or the Duh!mericans or the English or even the idolised Italians. Otherwise why the fuck should I be proud to be Maltese? Because abortion is illegal? Because I share the same passport nationality as Norman Lowell? Because while we are busy entrenching human life in the constitution we are busy making hundreds of human lives as miserable as possible?

Jeez... with a country like that I'd rather be American and vote Bush.

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Peklectrick a dit…

Malta, pastizz tal-pizelli
Malta, suf bit-tarzanelli
Malta, dejquli l-bajd...

(Xtruppaw, 2005)

Athena a dit…

You pretty much guessed what a special correspondent is. Need I add they are all, without exception, veritable cowards? They also tend to have execrable English.

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Naqbel mija fil-mija ma' Athena: dawn il-"korrispondenti speċjali" (mhux tant) misterjużi huma nies bla bajd.

Athena a dit…

Btw Jacques you should write to the editor. Your post is excellent and with a little bit extra diplomacy (at which you excel) it would make a freaking good letter or article. Remember, the ed. claims he hates racism - so pointing out just how racist that crap is should help ;-)