vendredi, avril 21, 2006

Mama look at Bubu!

Don't you just like Harry Belafonte? Anyway. A quick hello from the land where Houellebecq has been dumped for Murakama (probably got the name wrong but its all Jap to me). The report is simple. Sea: Warm to Cool. Wind: Almost none. Stomach: Constantly full. News: Almost none. I have a vague idea that Bush is in trouble, that Berluska is clawing at the last hope of staying in power and that Milan lost to Barca. Otherwise its oblivion *and Harry Belafonte*.

I wonder why nobody don't like me
Or is it a fact that I'm ugly?
I leave my whole house and go
My children don't want me no more
Bad talk inside the house they bring
And when I come they start to sing

Mama look at bubu
They shout
Their mother tell them "Shut up your mouth"
"That is your daddy"
"Oh No! My daddy can't be ugly so!"

Shut your mouth
Go AwayMama look at Bubu deh! (X2)

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