lundi, mai 01, 2006

Worker's Day

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I have always been baffled at how worker's day is a holiday. I think that it is the most oxymoronic of holiday's since on the day we celebrate work and the worker we just don't and aren't - work and working that is. On the other hand I am never one to complain for an extra holiday thrown in. This long weekend has given me some extra time to return to what should be normality after the fourteen days of paradise. The recovery has of course been thwarted by an attack of allergies with what should be the change of season. I write should because seven and five degrees does not feel like spring to me.

Anyways. So good worker's day to anyone who is remotely affectionate with the concept of work. To the ants among you all - Happy Workers Day. I am more of the grasshopper kind but I will not kill your fun.

To me this day has a much more important meaning. It's me mum's birthday so this post will be a nice and simple Happy Birthday to my mum.... I know that she enjoyed it and I hope that there will be many many more birthdays to come.

"God could not be everywhere... therefore he made mothers."

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