jeudi, mai 25, 2006

Travel Blog (victory roll)

First of all: I know that it is a TGIL day and that some might have been expecting the usual breakdown. I have not had time. I will only say that the questions being asked by the Queen of the Grammatically Imperfect regarding the constitutional clauses were posed by yours truly to the two main political party leaders before the last elections in an open letter published in the times. No answers were forthcoming from Fred and Ed. None had been expected. Electoral intrigues will remain so long as the political duopoly want to keep their hand on the reigns of power.

Secondly: Nurse Pica and Lanzarote are due their congrats for their blogdays. Keep the blogs rolling people.

And now the latest from Melita. The day before the last on the island of heatwaves and kafkesque administratin has borne the fruits of a week of hard work (and brackets of leisure). Here are the results of the j'accuse jury:

1. J'Accuse vs. Kunsill Lokali San Giljan: victory for j'accuse communicated over the the phone by a subdued Council Secretary. The three cars of the Zammit family in Malta will be bearing special parking tickets for Paceville - as has been their right all through - without exception. All traces of discrimnation against Gozitans have been removed.

2. J'Accuse vs. HSBC (your local bank): again a victory obtained through perseverance and arguing. In a few months J'accuse will have purged all links with the Hong Kong and Singapore Banking Corporation and will have his money safely stacked away closer to home. A saintly solution.

3. J'Accuse vs. Licensing Department: a laminated license issued in a record two day span notwithstanding that it was not yet time to renew. (This is the lesser of the victories since it involved a special administrative fee of Lm7.50).

4. J'Accuse vs. The Tan: Tan maintained. Short swimming periods altogether satisfactory and it appears that El Akkuzador will be leaving the island before the swarm of jelly fish settles in.

5. The Waistline vs. J'Accuse: the only battle where J'Accuse is on the losing end. Between family banquets and delicious platters served all over the island, it seems that the akkuzador will have to resort to such lowdown methods as special creams to cheat the love handle cells into absorbing less fat... very gggggggay.

Fausto beat me to the Justyne Caruana story. Daphne just about sums up the priorities of the popolin on the island but I assure you guys living abroad that it is not even half as bad as it sounds when just reading the papers. Malta remains the country I love and the place I call home... slut as it may be....

... don't forget... last one out switch off the lamppost.

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