mardi, mai 23, 2006

Travel Blog (j'accuse dines out)

Having fulfilled the administrative obligations for the day by late morning, the midday lull was spent in the company of N. the journalist and A. the podologist (names suppressed just to look kinky like all those dining critics). Aperitif was served at one of the bars at the Waterfront (nice layout but still far from finished). The bar must be punished for running out of Kinnie and forcing me to switch to ice tea. We then moved to VLT for a lunch at a restaurant recommended by AT the lawyer and LL his lawyering partner.

Never was a recommendation more welcome than this. The restaurant in question is called Fusion Four and has opened in a strategic place in VLT. It has a terrace overlooking Valletta's City Gate bridge and the dining experience is wonderful with the patrons cosily ensconced in between the bastions. The menu is mouth watering with a titillating variety of plates that bubble with a reasonable originality. From rabbit stuffed ravioli to japanese inspired platters, Fusion Four has all that is good for the bourgoisie... it will please all but the common palate. The owner and staff are welcoming, friendly and unpretentious. The plates well proportioned (a main will easily suffice) and one cannot stop being baffled at the well chosen items to give a varied, original and tasteful experience.

As the Chernobyl Review Critic once said... three thumbs up. We then went to VLt for some shopping. The brodologist went for clothes. I went for a book about CALCIO (making sure it was printed before Moggigate) by John Foot and the Calciatori World Cup Album and a box of stickers. More about this in Gakbu's accounts this weekend.

Malta is still sunny (Athena will hate me, Kenneth will be beaming). I have not turned into an insect (fhimt Twanny) I am off to prepare for a family BBQ - my duty is dessert - I have gone for the simple - fried banana flambe' in ginger and brandy.

3 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

I hate you *sits in a corner and sulks*

Peklectrick a dit…

kont intijulek l-album kieku, ghax ghandi wiehed zejjed.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

ga bdejt inwahhal!