jeudi, mai 18, 2006

Corny Guze' (and beefy too)

Guze' is a blogger no more. His last post fittingly pictures the grave of Elvis Aaron Presley. He is to be congratulated to be the first blogger to have wiggled his way into a column on a Maltese online paper (Guze' not Elvis). The topic of his bi-weekly rant (Guze' sticks to his blogging rate - daily was never his thing) is his aspiration to become Malta's number one agony uncle. So, the place for the first blogger to shift into opinionating on the Maltese media is still vacant. Guze' will limit himself to the life of a single male - I almost typed "single white male" but I am sure that that kind of column would be more fitting for the pages of vivamalta.

Us arabic looking individuals will follow the biweekly column of the thick eyebrowed smoker with interest. I will look forward to his culinary suggestions especially after his first recipe seemed to redeem those cans of corned beef that I so greatly detest. On the other hand the good old Guze' should tell his editors a thing or two about intellectual property. As bloggers we could allow ourselves unattributed borrowing. Aspiring online newspapers should be made of different mettle.

I noticed the illustration of the corned beef on toast in Guze's article and could not help wondering whether Guze posessed such a dainty set of cup and saucer and whether the Maltastar crew had actually set up a photo session to take shots of the corned beef on toast as prepared by Guze'. With a little help from google image search I confirmed my lurid suspicions: the photo was not an original... Guze' the great Agony Uncle had disappointed his fans by picturing a plate orginally served at "Danks Street Depot" in Sydney, Australia and later reported on Pinkcocoa Tabetai a culinary blog. Which is how the pic ended on the net and how it was found later by some Maltastar geek looking up "corned beef on toast" in the image section.

Wicked. I love the net. And I like Guze' notwithstanding the bitter disapopintment that I felt when I discovered that the bread I was looking at was not Maltese but Aussie. Who know's? Maybe Guze is aspiring to a web version of Waltzing Maltilda! Anwyays... do read Guze' he's not half as bad as he seems to be at first sight... and some recipe might come in handy. I suggest that the next one should be my school time favourite - beans and bangers in the oven topped (or sealed) with a layer of potato mash.

Finally a request from "one of the most read Maltese blogs" has reached J'Accuse. Sharon asks me to tell anyone who does not know that the RSS feed to Lost in Thought has changed - which is why you might have thought that she was going the Xemx Wisq Sabiha way. The nnew RSS feed is this: . There's a debate on racism going on there. Though what there is to debate is beyond me... we should be out there booking our lampposts!

As for Guze'... I'm sure he gets the joke so I will not apologise. In truth I'm just lobbying to fill in the other week on Maltastar when Guze is not on... naaaaah!

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7 commentaires:

wwwitchie a dit…

So, the place for the first blogger to shift into opinionating on the Maltese media is still vacant.

I think I can claim that starting from next Saturday *grin and VERY tongue-in-cheek*

Cheers re the advert sweetie ... I am not entirely sure what there is to debate either but everyone seems to have wanted me to debate u mhux se niksrilhom qalbhom :) Having said that, once I took them up on it, everyone fell silent ... but maybe it's the RSS feed thingy!

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

online media? Are you saying that the Times is starting blog columnists? Or is it just a column on the printed paper... reproduced on the online Times?

wwwitchie a dit…

oic i didnt realise you were still talking about online media... blog columnists would be sooo coool, i remember reading somewhere that the times was thinking about it, i think it was the it supplement or maybe the 70th anniversary supplement, wonder what they're waiting for...

Fausto Majistral a dit…

I would have expected Guze to refer to corned beef as "bulubif". Maybe he's not as proletarian as I thought.

Kenneth a dit…

Let me guess... Guze' will resume his blogging activities in two months' time.

Guze' Stagno a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Guze' Stagno a dit…

You will certainly find my next article extremely helpful, JR. Keep 'tuned', as they say. As for the picture...

*apologetic shrug*