vendredi, mai 19, 2006

Luxembore (I)

Bringing you the best and most exciting news from the Bland Duchy. A new section in j'accuse: LUXEMBORE! The news items (mistakes and all) are brought to you by the Luxembourg version of Gaffe INcorporated... Our highlights are in red.

19-MAY-06 Bus Surfing Craze Reaches Luxembourg
The current craze of bus-surfing has reached Luxembourg.Yesterday, a school bus was being driven from Wobrecken towards Esch-sur-Alzette when the driver noticed three youths trying to open the emergency exit from the inside while the bus was moving.The driver of the bus did not immediately realize what was happening, and his attention was only drawn to the incident when the driver of a following bus radioed his colleague to warn him of the impending danger.When the bus arrived at the Place Norbert Metz, a youth jumped off the roof and ran off to loud shouts from schoolchildren.The youth was caught and later cautioned by police.

The Maltese version of radio conversation: Chal... ghandek tifel fuq is-saqaf haqqaccadonna....

19-MAY-06 Man Charged with Arson (The truth behind arson attacks)
A 44 year-old man has been charged with arson in Luxembourg following a fire last Thursday.The assused man confessed to starting the fire at a house in Ulflinger, the home of his brother-in-law, although he claims he never intended to hurt anyone.Yesterday, a court in Luxembourg heard that apparently a dispute between the two men can be traced back to February 2003.Eight people, including four children, were in the house when the fire started. All were able to escape or were rescued b the fire brigade services.The court also heard evidence from psychologist Dr Georges Hengesch who said that the accused had an IQ of 71 which shows clearly a limited mental ability.the court also heard that alcohol could have been a contributing factor, and the accused was jailed for 2 months in 2003 for an alcohol-related incident.The public prosecutor has demanded a punishment of 15 years detention due to mitigating circumstances.

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