mercredi, mai 24, 2006

Travel Blog (banks)

The lovely weather continues to be king on the Maltese archipelago. The sun's tattoo is a little less violent than in the past few days but still enough to force brother thirst and sister tired to be ever present. Today's morning trip was dedicated to those lovely fellows at HSBC. The free market for your local bank means that it is free to make fun of its customers in an even greater mire of banking bureau-hypocrisy. I assisted A. (still with the dining quirk) with his negotiations with HSBC over the home loan only to note that the HSBC promise to equal any other rate on the market was a false promise and that the Apostolic Bank's rates remain unbeatable (bless their souls).

Same goes for my little attempt to consolidate a number of loans into one account. A beaming clerk told me that such action would necessitate a recalculation of the interest from start. So two accounts joined together would suddenly incur much more interest than the original parts.

Local bank? Ha! Opus dei and APS here I come. Afternoon was comfortably spent at the private part of the beach in St. George's Bay. Deck chair's cost two pounds to rent with a towel thrown in. Give me a two pound deck chair any day and keep me away from twisted bank conditions. Amen.

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