jeudi, mai 04, 2006


I may disagree with the man in his role as Editor of Malta Today. I may criticise him openly from time to time. I may call him Hogan and his merry band of heroes in jest. I may be angry that the third English newspaper in Malta is obsesed with pink politics instead of being a forum for the launching of a new way of making politics. I may have a running disagreement with the man BUT

I will never stoop so low as to attack him or his property physically. I will never burn out of anger or for retribution or to teach some lesson. I will never set aside the weapon of discussion for some other miserly weapon that is only wielded by the sad, the sorry and the mentally challenged. I will never relenquish the pen for use of the sword.

Not only that. But the moment he or anyone is attacked for what he believes or says I automatically turn to his side. I will be on the side of the person who has been physically attacked for what he says or believes. I will be on the side of that person even if I do not agree with what he says or believes. I will be on his side simply to assert his right to be able to say what he believes without fear for his property or person. As bloggers I believe that we all have a duty to be on the side of freedom of expression.

We all have a duty to be Hogans now.

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Zemploid a dit…

Hear hear.
I completely agree.