jeudi, mai 11, 2006

Dolly at Maltastar

Why is Mr. Pringles waving his hands in the Maltastar "Why don't U Comment?" box? While we are on the subject, we can begin to describe the regenerated e-paper. Lots of crime (law courts correspondent), a tinge of gossip (net surfer) and what Alfred Sant and some cronies say (opinion and local news). The World News section is a drab job with a random scattering of the day's events - it might as well have been scrapped. Sports is good. The leader is anonymous (unsigned unlike other e-papers - but presumably Kurt Farrugia's work) but short and to the point. The In Pictures section is slow to load, but a good idea. We may close an eye vis-a-vis the confusion between the Have Your Say and Letters to the Editor titles on the sidebar. Starliving is promising (very di-ve though) and Stardiary could be useful. All in all a job well done but for the lack of interest in real news. Full marks for the presentation - which is where maltarightnow needs to start if it is to catch up with the spirit.

Still... what is Mr Pringles doing on Maltastar?

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