mercredi, mai 03, 2006

Dense & Sensibility

My sinuses are about to explode. My head is constantly swimming and if I get dizzy spells if I stand up for long periods of time. Reading, watching tv or surfing the net have become onerous duties and can only last around 10 minutes - so this post is a particular sacrifice.

I read with a sigh of relief that the dense protest that was meant to be organised by Vince Marshall was vetoed by the Curia who preferred a more sensible approach - to treat adults in the way that adults deserve to be treated. Meanwhile, the denser side of society continues the firestarting activities. It would seem that a car in Valletta and a boathouse in Qawra have been the latest targets. While the men in blue seem to believe that all the incidents are not connected, I cannot help but wonder whether every person with a grudge against his neighbour is not taking the opportunity of these fiery times to inflame their neighbours while the blame falls squarely on the headless racists. A fine country indeed.

Today's Times had a cutely headlined article: "Judge's clear way for lift in block of flats". I can just about picture their graces picking at the shaft with the latest machinery that ic-Caqnu has to offer. A couple of articles down from this journalistic gaffe we read that "Journalists get together to insist on press freedom" - the members of this Journalists' C ommittee will start such valourous campaigns as against the imprisonment of journalists and the right to freedom of the press. No mention was made of the sad state of news reporting in Malta as well as of the consumer's right to be rid of the bullshit MLPN regularly produce in their branches of the local media. But we learnt long ago that Press Freedom does not equate to the Right to Know automatically. For heaven's sake, even the journalists for Castro's Granma journal believe the are the free press.... as do those honest gentlemen and ladies in the CNN studios.

One ex-journalist/radio 101 dj/ new wave politician got on the wrong end of Dr Alfred Sant in Parliament. It would seem that Honourable MC David Agius accused Alfred Sant of using black glasses to blind the public. When AS pointed out that this is unacceptable (probably vis-a-vis the non vedenti), David corrected his previous assertions and said that what he really was referring to was sunglasses... Puerile behaviour? The exchange was between an economist and a hmmm how shall I put it... wannabe politician. Then they say that Parliament has too many lawyers.

Finally if you are in Malta and interested in watching Riccardo Muti in Reggio Calabria, that public service that goes by the name of Air Malta is offering a package tour to the concert. The price is Lm89 - you guessed it - excluding taxes and airport charges. Once again I ask... who cares about what the price is without taxes and airport charges? Where is the OFT when you need it?

Price with no taxes: dense
Price with taxes: Sensible
Insulting in Parlimanet : dense
Correcting insult with some puerile excuse : thick
Journalist's right to invade privacy: dense
Journalist's duty to inform in a balanced manner: sensible
Vincent Marshall: dense
Archbishops: sensible
Sinus inflammation: dense head
Night nurse : knock out sensibility

A bien tot!

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