vendredi, mai 19, 2006

Rusmfeld's Bird Brained Interest

I just received this email that describes an interesting conspiracy theory that is far fetched but interesting. I am reproducing it as an example of conspiracy theories that do the rounds. Here it goes... it deals with Avian Flu:

Do you know that 'bird flu' was discovered inVietnam 9 years ago?
Do you know that barely 100 people have died in the whole world in all that time?
Do you know that it was the Americans who alerted us to the efficacy of the human antiviral TAMIFLU as a preventative?
Do you know that TAMIFLU barely alleviates some symptoms of the common flu?
Do you know that its efficacy against the common flu is questioned by a great part of the scientific community?
Do you know that against a SUPPOSED mutant virus such as H5N1, TAMIFLU barely alleviates the illness?
Do you know that to date Avian Flu affects birds only?
Do you know who markets TAMIFLU? ROCHE LABORATORIES.
Do you know who bought the patent for TAMIFLU fromROCHE LABORATORIES in 1996? GILEAD SCIENCES INC.
Do you know who was the then president of GILEADSCIENCES INC. and remains a major shareholder? DONALD RUMSFELD, the present Secretary of Defence of the USA.
Do you know that the base of TAMIFLU is crushed aniseed?
Do you know who controls 90% of the world's production of this tree? ROCHE.
Do you know that sales of TAMIFLU were over $254million in 2004 and more than $1000 million in 2005?
Do you know how many more millions ROCHE can earn in the coming months if the business of fear continues?

So the summary of the story is as follows:Bush's friends decide that the medicine TAMIFLU is the solution for a pandemic that has not yet occurred and that has caused a hundred deaths worldwide in 9 years.This medicine doesn't so much as cure the common flu.ù

In normal conditions the virus does not affect humans. Rumsfeld sells the patent for TAMIFLU to ROCHE forwhich they pay him a fortune. Roche acquires 90% of the global production of crushed aniseed, the base for the antivirus. The governments of the entire world threaten a pandemic and then buy industrial quantities of the product from Roche.So we end up paying for medicine while Rumsfeld,Cheney and Bush do the business.


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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Some months ago I received the mail claiming the same thing about Cheney. Then I saw the same thing being said about Rice on a website.

It's like Mikhail (personal assistant to the former Yukos Chairman), Bombo (aide to the late President of Nigeria) and Ahmed (personal toilet flusher of Saddam Hussein) who all want your help to get US$1,000,000,000,000 out of the country.

But of course, this is anti-American enough to sound credible to you.

And maybe you can reconcile these two statements:

Do you know that barely 100 people have died in the whole world in all that time?

Do you know that to date Avian Flu affects (sic) birds only?

Funny how one can die from a 'flu that does not effect humans.