mercredi, mai 17, 2006

Book Your Lamppost Now

Normal Lowell will have us believe that he is not an advocate of violence. On the vivamalta site (link impossible) the lovers of brethren have posted an announcement that claims that they have never advocated violence. They will add that the violence that we are witnessing is inevitable and will continue to happen whether vivamalta and other intellectually inspired sites exist or not. The violence is inevitable because of the degradation of society and the dark winter of dicontent that our country is witnessing.

But they are not violent. Their logos of thunder and lightning, last used by the stormtroopers of the Waffen SS are just coincidental. They would probably argue that the swastika is a symbol of aryan peace that can still be found on buddhist statues in China and India. They will tell you that although you read hatred and anger in their posts it is not through violence that they want to achieve their means. Saviour Balzan, rightly incensed by the attack on his house openly asked why the police did not raid their last meeting and ask questions. He also clearly points to the fact that their last get together was within 2 km of Daphne's residence and was held on the same night that it was attacked.

But Saviour - these are not violent people. They meet to replicate those great meetings of the Vikings in their halls. Those Norsemen who would imbibe copious amounts of beer and wine and other alcohols prior to embarking on another raid in some village. Only the Vivamalta and Imperium (note the pacifist name - it could have been commonwealth but it is an Empire) will stop short of the raid. Yes Saviour. These are the non-violent prophets of doom. Their weapon is intelligence. they are intelligent enough to note the unrest. They are intelligent enough to pinpoint the source of the unrest. They themselves will not do anything. They will just let the inevitable happen.

Remember interwar Germany. What the Nazis needed was a discontented people (suffering the war punishments), a source of unrest (in this case those eternal immigrants - the Jews) and then bingo... it took no great mind to put a spark to the dry straw that had accumulated. BUT they are non-violent.

I am convinced that vivamalta, imperium europa and normal lowell did not send anyone to drive up to an immigrant from Congo and run him over. Very convinced. And I am not being sarcastic. They are not stupid. No, that work would be the work of some not so very bright individual who falls for the traps constantly baited. He who thinks that running over Mr Mbutu
is the solution to the country's malaise. As I am sure there are other geniuses who think that burning tyres outside people's houses will change the world. The irony of burnt tyres has not hit them. The most common usage of this form of protest happens in the arab countries populated by the people that these savages so wrongly despise.

Lowell's rhetoric does not call for burning michelin or pirelli tyres. He thinks in term of more modern light sources. It is not the first time that he has declaimed "There are not enough lampposts". The reference is clear. Lampposts were used by the Nazi's to hang their enemies in cities. Hanging people from lampposts is the nazi idea of winning an argument. Pure rhetorical genius.

I suggest that we all book our lamppost. Not as a sign of resigned defeat but as a measure of defiance. We take over the lampost as a singular symbol of light that illuminates a dark area on a cold night and creates a small haven of safety on your walk home. The more lampposts we get the more light we can throw. The more lampposts we can collect the less darkness will be allowed to spread.

So do not wait anymore. Book your lamppost... now!

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Athena a dit…

*standing ovation* Prosit Jacques.

zetetiq a dit…

well said :)

Hsejjes a dit…


Il-Fre a dit…

bloggata tajba!

its incredible how there is lack of discussion in the countryt on this issue. people always like to mention the times of mintoff and the violence in the 80s. but arent the same things happening now? but nobody is making such a big deal out of it. Kulhadd
qed jibda jaccetta ftit ftit...

which is very very dangerous

mistoqsija a dit…

Perhaps fre, people arent daring to comment because the ones who did got the front door of their house burnt. Doesn't mean people are accepting.

Erezija a dit…

silence is deadly

at some point we are all going to have to declare on which side of the fence we stand. no more sitting on it.