dimanche, mai 21, 2006

Travel Blog (incognito)

Just landed in the country. The temperature is hot. Lovely ... beach tomorrow. Since I landed at 11pm I did not have much time to go around. Just enough to note that the best fajita place in the mediterranean is closed for refurbishment of the kitchen section. The hunt for some food in the big night circus amidst the lovely smells of the night and the views of exposed local flesh ended with a wonderful surprise. Hugo's - a place already commendable for its Sushi delights - has opened a take away across the road. A plate of meatballs IKEA style adorned with steakhouse chips. Fingerlicking. All washed down with what should by rights be the world's best soft drink. People still urinate just outside my habitation and two doors down my road is now graced with a Tattoo and Piercing Parlour. No prizes for guessing where el akkkuzador has landed. Keep it mum for just another day... the old ones have no idea I'm back and they're in for a surprise tomorrow when they return from the sister island.

As for any readers out there who are also on the island... give us a hoot... there's much catching up to do. I'm equipped with my (repaired) camera and am determined to get as many snapshots of lampposts as possible. Get the drift!

It's 01.39 am and Paceville still rocks as the place of urban sin. It's good to be home. Have a very good night out ... wherever you are.

3 commentaires:

Lady VAM a dit…

Welcome back home :) You will listen a lot about the Eurovision fever at the moment! but, its all part of being back I guess

Kenneth a dit…

La qbadtha fuq il-lampposts, itla' t-triq ta' l-Eden Cinemas fid-direzzjoni tal-"mina", u ara x'erba' lampposts stylish waħħlu, jekk ma lħaqthomx mill-aħħar darba li kont hawn.

Il-preparamenti għall-AD 2012 Anno Zero qegħdin in full swing ikolli ngħid ;)

maverick a dit…

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