dimanche, juin 11, 2006

And the game goes on...

More opening matches. More interesting games. I would never have bet that T&T would have held Sweden to a draw and I am still smarting from all the fake dives by the Argentinians against a plucky Ivory Coast team. The Serbia and Montenegro vs Holland just finished and I am really impressed by the Dutch passing game. They are not unbeatable but they have got a lovely team brought together by mastermind Van Basten and might go quite far.

Away from the footie spotlight it is almost pleasant to note that the final decision on the Maltese Euro coins does not include any baptism of Christ. Not so religious after all. Today's Times tells us that 80% of the Maltese population are dissatisfied with the government. This statistic will be even more significant the day the very same government is voted in for another term by those very disgruntled people.

While pro-environment NGO's rallied in Valletta protesting in favour of better protection of the environment, the Nationalist Party (that's the party running the disgruntling government) issued a press release stating that it (the PN) was a pro-environment party and that it (the PN) backed the actions taken by the government (run by the PN) in favour of the environment. That figures doesn't it?

Then people ask me how I manage to switch off for a whole month and just think about football.

PS. Do go over to Il-Loghba Sabiha if you haven't yet. It's turning out to be an interesting blog.

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