vendredi, juin 16, 2006

The Red's Spurious Suppositions

Maltastar, the conspiracy theorist's main rag on the net, is at it again. They have discovered a new tactic. It basically involves finding persons who are associated (or could be associated / linked) to politicians and discovering some misdeed that they (the persons) have committed. The next step is to write an article which practically imputes the deed to the politician even if he was not involved in the matter concerned.

Maltastar fell upon this tactic by chance. The "Michael Fendo Condones Piracy" affair involved pirated cd's being distributed duting a canvassing meeting organised by the Minister on the occasion of the Eurovision. Until now the matter of responsibility has been shifted to Frendo's personal assistant (Simon Castillo) complete with an interview of Castillo's parents who stated how let down they felt by the Minister. Minister Frendo is in the meantime hiding behind the centuries old excuse of ignorance - as in he did not know of the pirated goods being distributed. Much more will be said about this story - it is definitely not a bomb that will sink the Frendo ship but will definitely cause it to limp around the sea for a while like a lost convoy under fire by the Luftwaffe - here Maltastar did manage to make Frendo look like a bit of a liability for the government.

The bright sparks at Maltastar loved it. They could kill the Minister anyway - whether he took responsibility or not. So they are trying it again. Today's headline deals with a certain Roderick John Galea who is being accused of taking bungs from people to help them pass the driving test. The link? Roderick is apparently a Mugliett canvasser. We have moved down the ranks from private secretary Castillo to canvasser Roderick. The article shows that Maltastar was a bit at pains trying to prove the link to Mugliett:

" is in a position to reveal that on 30 January 2006 Roderick Galea drove a mini-van full of Mugliett’s constituents to a coffee morning at ‘The Palms’ in St Julians’. From further investigations carried by, ADT sources told us that Galea took leave of absence from work at the ADT on the day of the event, which was a fund raiser and a political event for the Transport Minister."

Now, it should not be difficult to prove the canvassing qualities of Roderick. But surely this time the Ministerial responsibility is based on a much more spurious link. What next? is in a position to reveal that a notorious criminal said "Hello" to Minister Ciku Briku on 4th December when he brushed past him in Republic Street. Minister Ciku Briku should resign.

Surely there must be a limit. For all the wrongdoings of this Roderick Galea I do not for one minute believe that Mugliett is liable or responsible. Unless of course it can be proved that his failure to know of the goings-on in the Driving Tests results out of negligence.... that he could have known had he been more careful. In any case it would have nothing at all to do with the fact that Mr Galea was his canvasser.

Frankly Maltastar must get their act together insofar as this kind of schizophrenic reporting is concerned.

Too many red herrings make the reds stupid seem.

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