vendredi, juin 30, 2006

Fora and Fauna

The Times of Malta and the Malta Independent both carry stories about forthcoming battles between the EC Commission and the Government of Malta. The Times concentrates on the Commission's intention to take action against Malta for breach of the Bird Directive. The Independent instead focuses on the Commission decision to force Malta to answer for its failure to respect European Union legislation on port state control of shipping.

In the case of the Bird Directive Malta will be called upon to give reasons why the annually renewable derogation regarding Spring Hunting should be kept in place. Insofar as port control legislation is concerned, Malta will have to answer the Commission allegation that Malta allows people without qualification to act as port state inspectors.

Due to the nature of my employment, J'Accuse can only report the commencement of these cases and must refrain from commenting further. What I do find interesting is the commonality in the public statements issued by the two ministries concerned (Environment & Rural Affairs, and Competitiveness & Communications Ministry). In both cases we see a similar declaration that the "we shall fight them in all fora" or the commitment to defend our case "in all legal fora".

I should hope that this plan to present their case before the relevant courts (in this case the ECJ) stops being presented as some epic battle and soon becomes a matter-of-fact issue. There are long days ahead and many, many, many infringement actions to be defended in the future. They are no big deal. It's how Europe works... and defending your country's actions or failures before the court is not such a big mountain as somebody might be trying to portray it.

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