samedi, juin 03, 2006

Sotto Le Stelle del Jazz

From the Luxembourg Tourist Office Leaflet:

"Colorful musical parades, jazz concerts, rhythm-n-blues, Mississippi and gospel, marching bands, and spicy culinary discoveries: an exceptional event will welcome you during the Pentecost weekend: June 2, 3, and 4, 2006.

An international open air festival - free for the public!

The “New Orleans Meets Luxembourg” festival organized by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office will plunge Luxembourg into the musical and culinary ambiance of the American Deep South. During 3 days – sunny, we hope – the Place d’Armes and the Place Guillaume will become gigantic open air swinging stages. For 29 years, this international festival has seduced thousands of fans from all around Europe. The festival has already been organized in 20 different cities, e.g., Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Zurich, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Leoben, Villach, and this year, for the first time, Luxembourg!"

Sotto le Stelle del Jazz (P.Conte)

Certi capivano il jazz
largenteria spariva
ladri di stelle e di jazz
cos eravamo noi, cos eravamo noi

Pochi capivano il jazz
troppe cravatte sbagliate
ragazzi-scimmia del jazz
cos eravamo noi, cos eravamo noi

Sotto le stelle del jazz,
ma quanta notte passata
Marisa, svegliami, abbracciami
stato un sogno fortissimo

Le donne odiavano il jazz
non si capisce il motivo

Sotto le stelle del jazz
un uomo-scimmia cammina,
o forse balla, chiss

Duemila enigmi nel jazz
ah, non si capisce il motivo
nel tempo fatto di attimi
e settimane enigmistiche

Sotto la luna del jazz

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