mercredi, juin 14, 2006

Print it when?

Sant's PR column on today's Times hangs on the usual cliché: Government does not consult and does not plan. I will not go into the merits and demerits of the government as this has been treated elsewhere. I will simply point out that for the n-millionth time Labour will be coughing up the same strategy:

1. Government is directionless, clueless and arrogant.
2. Consultation is needed.
3. Clear plans must be made.

We will follow closely the "draft plan documents" and their outcomes. We will be looking out for concrete planning from the Labour side. We are hoping to see something more than a list of Pn's failures and definitely something concrete as to what MLP plans to do when at the helm. Other than that Sant may shout "Print it small" at PN till kingdom come.

We will be waiting patiently while asking MLP: "Print it when?"

* for the benefit of the internet challenged :) the post title links to the Sant article in the Times. The article will only be reachable for around one month. After that you will have to pay Allied Newspapers in order to read it. I will not do that for you, so read it now.

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david a dit…

Yes but fundamentally it boils down to this: you start feeling sorry for the likes of William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard. If you see what I mean.

wwwitchie a dit…

1. internet challenged xejn freak :) my headers are linked to my permalink not to an external which is why i didnt realise that yours were any different

2. some people pay, other people get it for free... min jaf ghaliex? :p