mercredi, juin 14, 2006

A Culture of Anonymousness

Gaffe Incorporated have another stunner. Reporting a Marie Louise Coleiro press conference...

"The MLP spokesperson said that the government statistics do no include those persons who are in appeals procedures with the National Employment Authority and it neither includes all those who are given a reversed decision by the Authority on the ETC ruling.

Furthermore, the statistics do not mention how long these people have to wait without receiving any income, Coleiro said.

She finally accused the government with encouraging a culture of anonymousness, saying that it is taking decisions to removing people off the registry based on anonymous reports and without conducting proper investigations to the detriment of those families who are then deprived for long from receiving the financial aid that rightfully belongs to them because of the long legal procedures involved."

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wwwitchie a dit…

Must have watched too many pantomimes... can't remember which one it was, possibly the last one... with nessnessness tacked on to everything :-) Very me. I could have written that, my Jacquesnessnessness :)

wwwitchie a dit…

btw your blog boulevard drop down is wider than the column its in... i known how to shorten it if you want to send me the code... but if you look at the code you will see there is a figure given to the width, you can just make it smaller... cheers